10 Fall Decor Ideas for Renters

Fall Decor

Photo courtesy of Denise Mattox on Flickr

Seasonal decorating in a rental is tough. It is tempting to purchase cute ceramic autumn leaves, witch statuettes or plastic jack o’lanterns, but these items need a lot of storage space and are irrelevant for most of the year. So how can you make your home festive and cozy without using all of your closet space to store Halloween décor and pumpkin scented potpourri bags? Luckily, there are a few small tricks to make even a white-washed apartment feel cozy this fall:

  1. Clean Away Signs of Summer – The first and easiest way to prep your living space for fall is to clean away remaining signs of summer. Store fans and air conditioners, and put most of those flip flops currently by the front door back in your bedroom closet.
  2. Dust – There is a good chance you’ve had your windows open all summer, which is wonderful, but it’s probably allowed dust from the city streets to settle on your furniture and tabletops. Before shuttering the windows for the season, take a wet rag to all surfaces in your apartment so you can start fresh for a new season. This quick task is surprisingly effective at making your home more comfortable and guest-ready for a new season.
  3. Doormat – A doormat is a welcoming gesture that can is helpful all year round. Its purpose is particularly relevant in the fall, however, because the changing seasons often mean dirty, rain-soaked boots!
  4. Blankets – Adding a few stylish throws over the back of couches or chairs is both inviting and cozy. Plus, you can save a few dollars on your monthly heating bill by using blankets and sweaters to keep warm in the late fall instead of tuning up your thermostat. Just be mindful not to let temperatures get so low that pipes burst.
  5. Pumpkins – pumpkins are festive, fun, and disposable at the end of the season (and compostable)! Carve jack o’ lanterns with friends and family, or keep a small pumpkin as a centerpiece on any table.
  6. Music – music is a clutter-free way to bring atmosphere to a space of any size. Décor is often thought of as a visual tool, but creating an atmosphere in your home requires all of the senses. Especially for people in tiny apartments, music can become a valuable method in creating a good vibe.
  7. Electric candles – Landlords, particularly in older, densely-populated areas, really don’t like candles because of the high risk of fire. However, flickering battery or solar-powered candles are a great solution to making an apartment cozier as the temperatures drop. They are safer, longer-lasting, and can be set on timers to go on and off at the same times every day.
  8. Candy – A small candy dish is also a great piece of décor since it requires very little storage space, while also giving everyone a reason to smile. Candy, of course, is especially important for Halloween season. Choose candies that can handle small changes in temperature – mainly, avoid chocolate for this reason, until winter.
  9. Bake Something – Like music, having something baking when you’re expecting guests is a great way to add yet another sense into your rental space’s atmosphere. Baked goods smell fantastic, don’t take up space, and definitely add a level of coziness and warmth to any kitchen.
  10. Tea Kettle – A simple stovetop tea kettle is a charming way to add a sense of “fall” to your home. It doesn’t take up too much space (I mean, when you’re not cooking, there isn’t much else you can store on a stovetop indefinitely), and is helpful when unanticipated visitors stop by or the weather has suddenly gotten chilly.

Voila, ten budget-friendly autumn décor suggestions for renters of small apartments!

Renters, what do you do to make your apartment feel like home?  What is your favorite thing about fall?

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