5 Easy Ways to Save on Moving Costs

5 Easy Ways to Save on Moving Costs

As someone who has moved three times in the past three years, I have definitely learned most of the dos and don’ts of moving to a new apartment.  These tips below will help you save time and money and remain (mostly) sane during your move!

Tip #1: Sell or donate what you don’t need

Take some time to go through your belongings.  Figure out what you don’t really need or want and either sell or donate those items.  During my most recent move, I sold a few miscellaneous items on eBay, gave some knick knacks to a coworker, and donated a good amount of clothing.  By getting rid of these items, I saved money on packing supplies, saved time on packing and unpacking, and saved myself from the laborious task of moving more boxes.  Plus, someone else will be able to enjoy the items you don’t need!

Tip #2: Gather moving supplies in advance

Don’t wait until a few days before the big move to pick up moving supplies.  Start strategizing weeks (or even months) in advance.

If any friends have moved recently, see if they have boxes leftover from their move.  Use empty boxes from paper reams at work or pick up empty boxes from a nearby liquor store.  Hold onto boxes from packages in the mail in the months leading up to the move.  Get creative!

Save bubble wrap from packages prior to the move.  Buy packing tape when it’s on sale or buy it online in bulk.

Tip #3: Pack smarter

When packing, make sure that your items are sufficiently protected to prevent breakage.  Use towels, newspaper, paper towels, or even socks.  I made sure that I had plenty of supplies (see tip #2) to ensure that all of my items made it to the new apartment without being damaged.

Tip #4: Research, research, research

Whether you are renting a U-Haul and moving yourself or hiring movers, do your research.  Make sure that you look into all aspects of the move and ask questions as needed.  For example, did you know that U-Haul can change your requested pickup location only a few days in advance?  Try to be flexible if everything doesn’t go according to plan – it won’t, trust me – but doing the necessary research ahead of time will make you much more prepared.

Tip #5: Change your address

When you change your address with USPS, you will receive a ton of high value coupons.  When I moved earlier this year, I got the following coupons via email and in the mail from USPS:

  •         10% off Target in-store
  •         10% off Best Buy in-store
  •         15% off Crate&Barrel in-store, online, or via phone
  •         20% off Pier1 in-store
  •         10% off wayfair.com online

Use these coupons strategically!  My boyfriend and I used the 10% off coupon (along with a handful of other coupons) in Target when we did a huge shopping trip for groceries, household items, apartment decorations, and more.  We also saved the 20% off Pier1 coupon for when we were ready to purchase a few major pieces of furniture at one time.

Following these tips will make the whole moving process much easier and will help you save money, which you can later spend on enjoying restaurants in your new neighborhood and decorating your apartment!

How do you save money when you move?  What have been the worst financial burdens when moving?  Tell us in the comments!

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