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Photo courtesy of Matt Biddulph’s Flickr page.

Welcome to Rentwhich.  Come in to our home.  Make yourself comfortable!

We know that renting apartments can sometimes suck so we started Rentwhich to create a community where apartment dwellers can commiserate, learn, and take control of their rental lives.  With Rentwhich, you’ll have the confidence to decide which apartment to call home.

We plan to bring you experts and fellow renters from across the US and Canada to talk about every aspect of apartment life from finding, moving, living in, and making the best of your four walls.

Now, we’re sure you’re asking, why a sandwich? Well, a sandwich menu describes what’s inside the two pieces of bread. For example, you order a pastrami sandwich, not a rye sandwich! The Rentwhich vision is for apartments to work the same way. Renters should have more information about optimizing the time between the ad on Craigslist and turning in your key on move in day.  On the surface, apartments in your ideal neighborhood and price range can all seem the same, but the real differences appear once the lease has been signed. Your car insurance doubled, you pay 25% of your rent in utility bills, or you have a nightmare neighbor. We at Rentwhich want to show you how to better read the apartment menu so you like what’s inside of your temporary home.

Readers!  Tell us in the comment section what you would like to see from Rentwhich.  What are your biggest rental headaches?  What did you wish you knew before your rented your first apartment?  Where else do you go for advice?  Keep the conversation going and thanks for reading!

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