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Rentwhich’s editorial mission is to empower renters with tools to turn an apartment into a home. As we all know, sometimes renting apartments can really suck. Whether you’re navigating the apartment search roller coaster or finding out about hidden costs and inconveniences three months in to a lease, Rentwhich is your go-to resource for information, action, and commiseration to face those hurdles with confidence.

To ensure Rentwhich posts are as empowering to future or current renters as possible, we focus on four principles. Posts should be:

Easy to understand – We sold all of our jargon at our last tag sale and will not let any more back in our house. However, if you want to explain exiled jargon in terms that are easy for renters for understand, we will allow a bit to come visit just as long as it stays outside.
Useful – Posts are on-mission, topical, and not essentially promotional. Any posts that are blatant link bait or in any way spammy will be rejected. While it should be useful, feel free to submit posts that cause us to laugh at the absurdities of renting.
Actionable – Provide steps renters can take to manage the process and remember that laughter is a very powerful tool.
Shareable – Create content that renters will want to share with their friends and family.

Content Specifics

We accept posts in any commonly used online media. Articles (with compelling photos), photo journals, video, graphics are all examples of acceptable content. After topic approval, posts can either be submitted as a WordPress guest post (preferred method) or via e-mail. Text articles should aim to be anywhere between 500-1000 words. Exceptions can be made for the right circumstances. Non-spammy and useful links are encouraged. If you are using WordPress, please include them. If you are submitting via e-mail, include links in parentheses after the linked text. If you want to submit a photo or video, you must have ownership of or permission to distribute the content. If you are unable to locate an appropriate photo to accompany your article, we can work with you to find one.


Although we’re cool with any creative topics that are of use to renters, here are a few examples, broken into categories, to inspire you:

Find an Apartment

Move in

Apartment Living

Leaving apartments

Calculators to tell you how far your rental dollar will go in a different city What to do on day 1 to ensure you get back your security deposit Picking the right roommates Get back your security deposit
How to find a decent real estate agent & how to work with one you’ve chosen Steps to take when you move in and your apartment is gross or amenities don’t work Which maintenance tasks are your job and which are your landlord’s Steps to take if you’re leaving under imperfect circumstances
Are you getting a good price? Building a good relationship with your landlord Ensuring maximum safety How to break your lease
What to look for during your search to save you money in the long run Should you text or call your landlord? Know your rights as a tenant
What to look for during your search to ensure you’re getting the best quality apartment. Landlords and tenants in the movies
Negotiating lease terms Renters’ Insurance 101
Renting an apartment if you have a pet Should you draft a roommate agreement?
How to get approved for an apartment if you have bad credit

Desired Contributors

Although we’ll consider guest posts from anyone who has something of use to say to renters, some examples of ideal contributors include:

• Renter/writers who have a personal story to tell about navigating the rental experience
• Freelance writers who research topics of interest to renters
• Landlord/tenant attorneys with insight about common mistakes renters make*
• Realtors who have identified trends in the rental market*
• Landlords or property managers who want to provide honest, positive advice to potential new tenants*
• Policy makers or NGOs who have identified consumer protection issues relevant to renters
• Apartment living experts who have tips on how to make an apartment a home

*We will accept sponsored posts from product manufacturers, retailers, contractors, and other service providers to promote your company specifically. Please refer to our commercial partner page for more information.

Contributors must submit a Twitter-sized bio and a 150×150 pixel high quality .jpg headshot with all posts. Please include your personal links (Twitter, LinkedIn, website, blog) here.

The Editorial Process

We believe in showcasing diverse voices in the rental world. Although we reserve the right to reject any post and to edit any submissions for publication, we want to see your voice and vision emerge. If a post conforms to the guidelines described here, expect a few rounds of edits before publication. You will get approval of the final edits.


We are a brand spankin’ new blog so we are unable to pay for posts at the time. Our goal is to grow a blog that is of use to all of the renters in North America. If you can help us build our readership by posting to your own digital media outlets, we hope to begin paying contributors for posts soon. Any help you can offer getting us to that point would be greatly appreciated.

Congratulations for making it to the end of the blog contributors’ page! As a reward, you get instructions on how to submit! First, send us an e-mail at contact@rentwhich.com with the word “SUBMIT” in the title to talk subject matters and terms. We’ll follow up with more information.