5 Things I Learned When I Got Locked Out of My Apartment

5 Things I Learned When I Got Locked Out of My Apartment

Like any recent college graduate, I thought I was quite the grownup when I signed the lease on my very first apartment in Boston five years ago. But unlike getting locked out of a dorm room, getting locked out of a real city apartment was quite the challenge. It all started when my new roommate, who I was just getting to know, left for a weeklong vacation. No problem. I could handle a week on my o ...[Read More]

5 Easy Ways to Save on Moving Costs

5 Easy Ways to Save on Moving Costs

As someone who has moved three times in the past three years, I have definitely learned most of the dos and don’ts of moving to a new apartment.  These tips below will help you save time and money and remain (mostly) sane during your move! Tip #1: Sell or donate what you don’t need Take some time to go through your belongings.  Figure out what you don’t really need or want and either sell or donat ...[Read More]

Apartment Composting 101

NYC Patio Garden

Now you can follow my blog with Bloglovin! It’s tough to save money and live sustainably when you are renting but often you can grow a few staple veggies on a patio even in the smallest spaces.  You can save even more (and be greener) by composting your kitchen scraps as a growing medium!  Learn how with this infographic from Sustainableamerica.org: Have you tried composting in your apartmen ...[Read More]

There Are Mice in my Apartment!

Scary Mouse

  I moved to Boston two years ago, into a lovely 2-bedroom apartment in Brookline with two amazing roommates. We were complete strangers who just met the day before Moving Day and enlisted the help of a realtor in our apartment search. He showed us three apartments; we ended up taking the first one we saw. Rent was steep, but it worked between the three of us and the location was wonderful. W ...[Read More]

GIVEAWAY! – $50 The Container Store Giveaway

An organized small spacee

You spoke and Rentwhich listened!  During our IKEA gift card giveaway, many of you said that one of your biggest renting challenges was finding space to store and organize in your small apartments.  To help you manage those small spaces, we’re giving away a $50 The Container Store gift card!  Share your most creative tips for storage in small spaces for a chance to #win! Enter using the Raff ...[Read More]

Top Cities for Young Professionals – Infographic

Cities for Young Professionals

The most obvious advantage to renting is that your financial chains are lighter and you, therefore, have more freedom to move around.  If you are a bit of a rolling stone and need to decide which city to call home next, check out this helpful infographic from Forrent.com.  Though we would like to add that we’re partial to a few other cities (ahem.. Boston!). Top Cities for Young Professional ...[Read More]

5 Things I Learned from Moving to Canada

5 Things I Learned from Moving to Canada

Before last December, I’d briefly visited Montreal and Vancouver, but the idea of moving to Canada never crossed my mind. Then my fiancée/common-law husband landed a new job opportunity in Victoria, British Columbia and six weeks later, we were packing up our Boston apartment and moving to B.C. We’ve spent almost six months in our new adopted city, so Lyn asked me to share some of my c ...[Read More]

10 Fall Decor Ideas for Renters

Fall Decor

Seasonal decorating in a rental is tough. It is tempting to purchase cute ceramic autumn leaves, witch statuettes or plastic jack o’lanterns, but these items need a lot of storage space and are irrelevant for most of the year. So how can you make your home festive and cozy without using all of your closet space to store Halloween décor and pumpkin scented potpourri bags? Luckily, there are a few s ...[Read More]

Cost of Renting in NYC – It’s Not Your Imagination

High Rent in NY

It’s hardly worth repeating but, yes, In fact, the smarties over at the NYU Furman Center did the math to determine exactly how high the rent has gotten.  Check out their infographic! New Yorkers!  What are you doing to combat exploding rents?  Moving further out?  Downsizing?  Taking on extra work hours? Readers from other cities!  Are you city’s rents getting too damn high too?  Tell ...[Read More]

What’s Your Top Must-Have Apartment Feature?


We always hear that the most important features in real estate are location, location, location but, at Rentwhich, we understand that the decision about which apartment to call home can be more complicated than that. Let us know what you think is the most important feature of an apartment.  If your top feature isn’t listed, choose other and tell us your top feature in the comments or tweet t ...[Read More]

GIVEAWAY! – IKEA’s Apartment Solutions & Win a $50 Gift Card!

Grundtal IKEA

IKEA Under $50 by rentwhich featuring word wall art Head lamp / Queen bedding / Colored box / Moka London word wall art / Home decor / Blacks outdoor / IKEA GRUNDTAL Container, stainless steel / IKEA BYGEL Utility cart, white, silver color / Casters furniture / Shelving unit / IKEA PORTIS Clothes rack, black   So many people living the #apartmentlife are in the process of moving this weekend ...[Read More]

New Apartment? Protect Your Rights!

New Apartment? Protect Your Rights!

Renters tend to come and go and unscrupulous landlords can take advantage of the churn.  If you take proactive steps to protect yourself, you will have the law on your side. A lease agreement is the legal document that spells out the length and terms of your tenancy.  Take a careful look at your lease, including whether the address of the unit is correct and the security deposit terms.  Don’ ...[Read More]

Do You Suck at Craigslist?

This is a House

Craigslist is an almost inevitable part of the renting process.  From finding your apartment to furnishing it, trusty CL is always there.  Unfortunately, a lot of people who try to Craigslist are doing it wrong.  Although their boneheadery can be frustrating, they are doing the rental world the favor of hilarity. Our friends at You Suck at Craigslist have allowed us to feature some of their favori ...[Read More]

Moving Day is Almost Here!

Moving Day is Almost Here!

Around these parts, an excitement fills the air when August starts.  In a city with so many college students, over 80% of the area’s apartment leases turn over on or around September 1st.  So most renters, whether they are students or not, spend August preparing for their annual game of musical homes.  Although moving can be stressful, you can combat the anxiety by being as prepared as possi ...[Read More]

When Your Apartment Isn’t Perfect on Day 1

When Your Apartment Isn’t Perfect on Day 1

You searched for apartments online and toured 5, 10, or possibly 20 different places. A diamond in the rough finally caught your eye. Some paint, curtains and a nice scrubbing would do wonders here. Road trip to IKEA!!! We can make this work right? Let’s fill out rental applications and submit those fat security deposit checks. That glorious move-in date arrives (usually September 1st) and you ope ...[Read More]

Welcome to Rentwhich

Welcome to Rentwhich

Welcome to Rentwhich.  Come in to our home.  Make yourself comfortable! We know that renting apartments can sometimes suck so we started Rentwhich to create a community where apartment dwellers can commiserate, learn, and take control of their rental lives.  With Rentwhich, you’ll have the confidence to decide which apartment to call home. We plan to bring you experts and fellow renters from ...[Read More]