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5 Things I Learned from Moving to Canada

5 Things I Learned from Moving to Canada

Before last December, I’d briefly visited Montreal and Vancouver, but the idea of moving to Canada never crossed my mind. Then my fiancée/common-law husband landed a new job opportunity in Victoria, British Columbia and six weeks later, we were packing up our Boston apartment and moving to B.C. We’ve spent almost six months in our new adopted city, so Lyn asked me to share some of my c ...[Read More]

10 Fall Decor Ideas for Renters

Fall Decor

Seasonal decorating in a rental is tough. It is tempting to purchase cute ceramic autumn leaves, witch statuettes or plastic jack o’lanterns, but these items need a lot of storage space and are irrelevant for most of the year. So how can you make your home festive and cozy without using all of your closet space to store Halloween décor and pumpkin scented potpourri bags? Luckily, there are a few s ...[Read More]

Cost of Renting in NYC – It’s Not Your Imagination

High Rent in NY

It’s hardly worth repeating but, yes, In fact, the smarties over at the NYU Furman Center did the math to determine exactly how high the rent has gotten.  Check out their infographic! New Yorkers!  What are you doing to combat exploding rents?  Moving further out?  Downsizing?  Taking on extra work hours? Readers from other cities!  Are you city’s rents getting too damn high too?  Tell ...[Read More]