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Happy New Apartment Day!

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To all of you moving in today, good luck. Here’s to a great year in your new place! Party at your place tonight! Tell us your best #moveinday2014 stories on Twitter, Facebook, and in the comments!

GIVEAWAY! – IKEA’s Apartment Solutions & Win a $50 Gift Card!

Grundtal IKEA

IKEA Under $50 by rentwhich featuring word wall art Head lamp / Queen bedding / Colored box / Moka London word wall art / Home decor / Blacks outdoor / IKEA GRUNDTAL Container, stainless steel / IKEA BYGEL Utility cart, white, silver color / Casters furniture / Shelving unit / IKEA PORTIS Clothes rack, black   So many people living the #apartmentlife are in the process of moving this weekend ...[Read More]

New Apartment? Protect Your Rights!

New Apartment? Protect Your Rights!

Renters tend to come and go and unscrupulous landlords can take advantage of the churn.  If you take proactive steps to protect yourself, you will have the law on your side. A lease agreement is the legal document that spells out the length and terms of your tenancy.  Take a careful look at your lease, including whether the address of the unit is correct and the security deposit terms.  Don’ ...[Read More]